"Parallel Worlds" is the debut album from MAGNATAR. The band represents three generations of musicians that share a common interest in creating original music with a unique progressive sound and style that is quite accessible to a fairly broad audience. The band works very hard to give each song It’s own unique identity. That said however, there is still a distinctive sound and style that runs through the album that defines the music. Many of the songs blend a big full sound with touches of a quieter, even delicate feel. Always present are soaring guitar leads, at times powerful and heavy, and other times more spacey and melodic. Driving drums and bass lay the rhythmic foundation, while the keys fill the gaps and add many different textured sound layers. The mandolin serves as the “thread” that sews it all together from beginning to end and everything in the middle.

New Release

Parallel Worlds


Parallel Worlds is the debut album from Magnatar. Released worldwide on 10/23/18. Available at CDbaby.com in Jewel case CD format with 8 page color booklet, or track/album download. Also available worldwide as track/album download on all music service platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon etc. See below to purchase.

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