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Review of Parallel Worlds by the Prog Doctor - Marty Dorfman

Host of The Waiting Room Radio Show on The House of Prog at .

"I love when a band takes a chance. Let's take the incredible bass sound that sounds sort of like Starcastle, but turn it sideways by using a lead instrument rarely seen in Progressive Rock, the mandolin. This is Magnatar. Their album, Parallel Worlds, is stellar and one of the best “new artist” releases in the genre. Roll with the bass and glide with that mandolin. Add some really good songwriting (it's really all about the songs anyway, isn't it?) and you have one of the best releases of the year from a new progressive rock artist. Bass players....come meet your new band. Mandolin progs too!!!" - Marty Dorfman

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The Prog Mill – New and classic progressive rock every Sunday between 10pm and midnight UK time (2200-0000 UTC/GMT or 11pm to 1am in Europe), on Progzilla Radio – the UK’s only dedicated 24/7 progressive rock radio station. Hear the show online at or via the tune-in app and on internet radio platforms.


"I recently played Magnatar for the first time on my radio show and was knocked out by the sound of this band, led by an incredible lead guitar which mixes perfectly with the rest of the band. All of these guys can really play! Our listeners loved them too!" Shaun Geraghty - Host of The Prog Mill - Progzilla Radio

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From the December 30, 2018, Prog Mill Show

From the December 30, 2018, Prog Mill Show

From the January 13, 2019, Prog Mill Show

From the January 13, 2019, Prog Mill Show

Our third time featured on the show! The playlist for last night’s PROG MILL (edition 160 for Progzilla Radio and 380 in total) first broadcast Sunday, 6/2/19. See the section below to hear the broadcast.

Our third time featured on the show! The playlist for last night’s PROG MILL (edition 160 for Progzilla Radio and 380 in total) first broadcast Sunday, 6/2/19. See the section below to hear the broadcast.

1 Sara Loera – The Wars Will Save Us (The Undiscovered Country) 
2 InVertigo – Darkness (Veritas) 
3 Introitus – Belong (Shadows) 
4 Halucynacje – Ty Wiesz, Ty Wiesz (La Petite Blonde) 
5 Joseph Magazine – Heremit (Nights of the Red Sky) 
6 The Ryszard Kramarski Project – The Last of the Spirit (Mr Scrooge) 
7 Midnight Sun – Clouds (Dark Tide Rising) 
8 Big Big Train – Theodora in Green and Gold (Grand Tour) 
9 Magnatar – She Flies (Parallel Worlds) 
10 Carmen – She Flew Across The Room (Dancing on a Cold Wind) 
11 Spring – The Prisoner – Eight By Ten (Spring) 
12 PFM – The World Became the World (The World Became The World) 
13 Curved Air – Marie Antoinette (Phantasmagoria) 
14 Nth Ascension – Fire in the Sky (Stranger Than Fiction)




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Our song New Galaxy was placed on the playlist rotation on the MIX Channel on ZTR.FM out of Fort Worth, Texas. It will be played 3 times a day throughout the month of June, 2019.

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Fan Reviews

 My Thoughts on Magnatar and Their New Album, "Parallel Worlds" 

By Dave Rauschenberger, Guitars, Keys and Vocals for Fake News, Formerly Catfood 

"I'm kind of an "inside baseball" guy, when it comes to Magnatar. I've been playing music with bassist and founder Joey Costa for more than thirty five years. He is my favorite bass player ever. Playing on the same stage with Joey is a treat every time. No matter what bass guitar Joey plays, it always sounds like Joey. I'm honored to play with such a talented musician. Magnatar leader and visionary Glenn Smith played guitar with us for many years before his transformation into electric mandolin and composing wonderful pieces of music. He was deeply influenced by Steve Ewing my mentor and lifelong friend. They (Joey, Glenn and Steve) are all Yes fanatics. I must admit, I'm not. And I think that's why I have a unique perspective on "Parallel Worlds". I'm also not a Prog guy. But I'm a big fan of this band and this album.  

David Norton was the keyboardist for Fantasia. They were THE band to see play live in my mid to late teens in Central Florida in the early and mid 1970's. I had a mustache and could get in to see them years before I was "legal". David was fantastic. I only met him a few years ago, when Magnatar began to refine the album material and assemble the studio gear needed to record such a fantastic album. His textures and melodic lines run through this album like a thread that holds each composition together.  

I recall Joey telling me about a "kid" playing with him in church more than a decade ago. He was into Rush and Dream Theatre. Years later, Ryan Rivas came to one of our practices and played a bit. It reminded me of seeing Jeff Beck live. Not that Ryan sounds anything like Beck. I just wanted to sell all my guitars and give up. He's incredibly talented and creative. As I understand it, "Rivas" (as he's known by his friends) had an integral part in the production and recording of "Parallel Worlds". His proficiency and creativity are undeniable. And he only expands his voice on his instrument.  

Finally, I remember my cousin telling me about a drummer I needed to see. The first time I saw Reed Hayes I think he was all of 16 years old. His meter was perfect and he was every bit as good as any drummer I'd ever seen. Years later, I saw him in a Rush tribute band at a local college. I watched Reed the entire time. He's not a drummer. He's a percussionist and a creative musician. The dynamics of "Parallel Worlds" are controlled by Reed. I hear something I didn't hear before, every time I listen to the album. 

And that bit of history gets me to this point and the album. Dave Norton asked me if I would consider expanding on a comment I posted on Facebook regarding my impression of the album.  I mentioned that the album is best enjoyed by listening to it in it's entirety. And that's an old-school thing. I remember radio station WORJ in Orlando, FL,  back in the 70's playing entire album sides. They would also play full albums as well. I remember them playing Fragile by Yes all the way through. Aqualung by Jethro Tull was introduced to me by "ORJ". King Crimson, Genesis (w/ Gabriel and Hackett), and many other progressive bands were introduced to me on FM stations that understood that artists compose and arrange their songs to be heard in order in their entirety. The only way I have listened to "Parallel Worlds" is all the way through. There's no "single" for me. And Dave tells me that was pointed and intentional. This album is no throwback, however. It's the future of progressive music. The exposure they've already received isn't surprising or unexpected. It's well deserved.  

I've always found the describing music via written thought is suspect at best. I could attempt to walk you through the compositions and try to do each "justice" with the written word. But that, my friends, is a fool's errand. You must listen to this album and listen to it in it's entirety. It flows. It tells a story. And it's the first offering from a band hidden in a small town in DeLand, Florida.  

This collaborative effort by a group of guys I just call "friends" is a period piece. The next challenge for them will be to match or exceed this great album. I encourage you to check it out. The greatest compliment I can give has nothing to do with the fantastic and obvious "chops" these guys have.  

Magnatar's "Parallel Worlds" is one of my favorite albums in recent memory. I don't have a favorite song. I set aside about an hour and enjoy the musical creation of some of my very good friends through my very expensive studio headphones. And I look forward to the next album. Did I mention how great they are live? " 

Favorite Song on the Album:  

The album in it's entirety...

Forum Post by Mark (Plushdaddy) Pemberton

"Parallel Worlds is a album, full of rich textures and transitions which takes the listener on a journey worth taking. From Dave Norton's tasteful and beautifully written 'Solara' which transitions into the explosive 'New Galaxy' to the beautiful acoustic piece 'A Walk In The Park' All of the musical pieces on this album are artfully written with multiple transitions within each piece. 'Night Changes', 'She Flies' and 'Parallel Worlds' are a wonderful example of this and are three of my favorites on the album. Joey Costa's base on 'Five Pieces of Six', 'Parallel Worlds' and She 'Flies' is outstanding as is the guitar work of Ryan Rivas. Reed Hayes's drum work on 'Augmented Reality' is brilliant, which is another one of my favorites. Last but not least, Glenn Smith's mandolin brings a sound that is quite unexpected and unique for this genre of music and is fantastically woven throughout all of the pieces. To sum it up, all of the songs on this new album kick ass and I can't wait for the next release, so bring it on." 

Favorite Song on the Album: She Flies and Night Changes

Forum Post by Mike Boucher


  Have you ever sought to have your senses electrified? Maybe you’ve dreamed of leaving the planet earth to experience something new and exciting? Here’s your opportunity! Do yourself a favor. Grab MAGNATAR’S new offering PARALLEL WORLDS, your old school amp and speakers, have a seat, lean back and turn the dial to 11. Magnatar’s first song and title track sets the tone with an epic and intense musical journey. Later Solara draws you in with the superior melodic solo keyboard work of Dave Norton just to launch you into a overdrive as you ride into New Galaxy. You’ll work your way to Augmented Reality which will blow you away with the impeccable work of this band pulling it all together as you reluctantly descend back to earth and wonder where you’ve been.  Progressive music never sounded so good. Progressive music never sounded so fresh. Do yourself a favor…run don’t walk to get your hands on MAGNATAR’S new cd PARALLEL WORLDS! 

Favorite Song on the Album:  Parallel Worlds

Forum Post By Andrew Curtis

"Here are my impressions from listening to the album "Parallel Worlds" over the last week or so. Songs vary from acoustic numbers to full blown symphonic work outs, sometimes the focus being on melody, other times becoming an exercise in technicality. Parallel Worlds is a perfect example – the song moves between almost Yes-like themes or interludes before launching into more muscular sections where instrument individualism comes more to the fore in the form of a complex drum fill or guitar semi-solo. I have to say I love the drumming throughout. I admit I’m biased, always being drawn to the part the drums play and how they sound.  On this album there is a great deal of technique on display, but it doesn’t overwhelm. Rather the drums play like undercurrents, in and around the other instruments and melody, but not just supporting, actually filling the spaces. Listen to the beginning of Fourth Passage, especially the fill to open the song, setting the scene before the song builds into a series of repeated themes, the drums and guitar driving these along at a break neck speed, yet never feeling rushed. This song is typical of the whole album – there are different ways to listen to the music. Without concentration it flows by easily, but then when you focus, nuances, skillful manipulations are revealed with each listen.  Remarkably this song gains even more speed, or should that be power, as it reaches its climax. In juxtaposition, the next track, Solara is a gentle piano interlude – a perfectly placed point of calm, before the might of New Galaxy begins, leaning heavily on a Chris Squire style bass motif. It was at this point I began to make those connections to classic Yes. Imagine if Yes were to record a freer form, almost jazzy tinged record, probably where Bill Bruford had wanted to take the band before his first leaving. It certainly isn’t a prog-jazz record, don’t get me wrong, but there is a freedom in this album that is not reflected by Yes. The bass remains dominant throughout the track though every other instrument has its time to shine, including mini guitar and keyboard solos. These all mix and build on that melody, a little like the end section of Starship Trooper, before returning to a guitar motif that has poked its head up at different points, the last time ending in a solo I can imagine being extended in a live setting. Indeed, I bet this is a wonderful piece to witness (and probably play) live.  Night Changes follows and is quite different, a discordant opening is more King Crimson like before that speed emerges again. This is another track any drummer will enjoy, the snare work in particular is a joy to behold, though with plenty of supporting runs around the toms to give that sense of power. Bass first, then guitar start to come to the fore as the song builds, but just as you thought a symphonic ending was coming, so echoes of that discordance re-emerge. This is typical of many of these tracks – there are always multiple elements at play, keeping the listener guessing – it’s never straight forward – you can’t say – this is the “Awaken” track – there are aspects of build and climax, but also the power and technicality more commonly found with Dream Theater. I don’t mean to imply this music is derivative – far from it – you can hear the seeds of inspiration but no one song mimics anything I’ve heard before.  A Walk In The Park is an acoustic work out reminiscent of the Steve Howe tracks on those early(ish) Yes records. Again, this acts as a bit of a relief before the next track, which is also a little bit different. It has an almost Bruce Foxton (The Jam) opening bass line. The song then enters more 90125 territory – newer prog rather than classic older symphonic. More Rabin than Howe. And just like my own preference for Yes, I can appreciate this track without loving it as much as the earlier songs. The drumming in the last track Augmented Realityis again intense and full of technicality.  This last song is a joyful ending to the album.  Just like those early 70's records, this album should be enjoyed as a whole – and probably will be because of it’s ability to fade in and out of focus as the mood suits – just like Close to the Edge – you can focus 100% or just have it on as a muse or mood stabilizer.  If I was to be super critical, I would say I prefer to listen to the first half of the album (side 1), but am more than happy to have the whole disc play from beginning to end. Favorite track – hard to say, but maybe Solara leading into New Galaxy. That combination will certainly give you a sense of what Magnatar are all about. I personally would have liked to have ended with an epic, a symphonic climax that stands hairs on end but that’s a personal preference. Maybe on the next disc – I want that single song that I can turn to when needing a real lift. You know what is funny – I only looked at the booklet at the end of writing this – and there it says “a special thanks to Yes for 50 years of musical inspiration” – well I suppose my various Yes references were there for a reason."

Forum Post By Ed S.

"Congratulations to the band on their first CD. The music is fresh and bursting with energy and flourishes. I listened to all the songs and wanted more. These are accomplished musicians who obviously poured their soles into writing and arranging each track. Take a listen and I know you will not be disappointed."

Forum Post By Doug F.

"Listened to Parallel Worlds a couple times now, first time on my laptop which was good but second time on a long drive over the car system, which was great! Caution though when driving, use the cruise control or the music will have you over 100 mph before you know it. Very tight band, intricate music and all instruments get their time in the sun. Haven't heard a straight-up, all instrumental album for a long time but these guys have revived it. Brings Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer to mind and maybe a little Jethro Tull. Bravo Magnatar!" - Favorite Song, Parallel Worlds

Forum Post By Kendall J.

"This album is a soundtrack to life...unique and unpredictable. With a mix of psychedelic, groove, techno and jam vibes, there is something for everyone on the album. Expect the unexpected as you listen to the story this music tells. I would love to hear lyrics on the next album!"

Favorite Song: Augmented Reality

Forum Post By Buzz Williams

"I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of Parallel Worlds from a friend who is a member of Magnatar. I honestly had very low expectations, given that I've known him for years and never heard him talk about playing in a band (except in the past tense). Wow, I was (and remain) blown away. I prefer jazz fusion/acid jazz, etc. and this CD is right up my alley. These are very talented musicians and writers. I love their use of the mandolin. I would rather listen to Barry Manilow recorded well than my favorite musician recorded poorly. These guys really did a wonderful job with the recording/production/post production. The writing keeps one interested, often leading the ear in one direction, then zigging in another without being "weird". Likewise, I like the tempo changes and different variations introduced in the songs. Overall, this is an awesome CD with no "duds". Start to finish, it's really good. I look forward to meeting all of the musicians...hopefully at a live event??? One more thing... the melodies are fantastic. Has any consideration been given to adding vocals? A voice like Ann Wilson (Heart) would seem right at home." 

Favorite Song on the Album: 

The Title Track, Parallel Worlds (but it's hard to pick just one!)

Wonderful New Music!! - 5 of 5 Stars on CDbaby, Lori N.

"Excellent CD by very talented artists. My favorite were Tracks 3, 4 and 6. I like Solara as the introduction to New Galaxy. Very nice and simple . . . and how it feeds into New Galaxy that has a little stronger beat. I also like A Walk In The Park and the guitar emphasis! I love instrumentals but these three tracks really got my attention! The entire album is wonderfully done, however!! I look forward to hearing more!"

5 of 5 Stars on CDbaby, Brian

"A must hear. Excellent band, very well engineered."

New Year, new album, great listening - 4 of 5 Stars on CDbaby, Chad D.

 "Just started my new year with the new album and it definitely cuts the mustard, musically. My favorite track from intro to end is "Solara/New Galaxy". I feel this really represents what these guys are trying to achieve musically and nailed it. "Augmented Reality" was second favorite and tightly produced and it's a style on to it's own. Reason for 4 of 5 stars: album was a bit shorter than expected and there were no live track performances. A definite must these days, guys... I look forward to hearing and seeing more in the coming year. Keep it coming!!"

Awesome Experience - 5 of 5 Stars on iTunes, MPM 1972

"With their debut album, this band triumphantly delivers a wholly unique and exciting spin on the classic progressive experience. The album flows like a well conceived progressive musical journey through time and space. The musicianship is spot on, crisp and orchesturally nuanced. The band artfully manages to pay homage to their progressive roots but with a style and sound all their own. Bottom line: this music sounds great and is a heckofa lotta FUN to listen to... Listen LOUD my friends!!"

Great Debut Album - 5 of 5 Stars on iTunes, by Super, Super whites 

"These guys passion for the music comes through in every song. Production of the album is top drawer. Innovative, compelling, distinctive...for a debut is has a sophistication about it that draws you in...again and again!"

You'll Keep It On Repeat - 5 of 5 Stars on iTunes, by Tib023

"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Magnatar's Parallel Worlds!! No melodic detail is missed, crank it up, close your eyes and enjoy. As much as I enjoy the album I would love to hear some vocals on an upcoming song or two."

Welcome Back Classical Rock! - 5 of 5 Stars on iTunes, by LKMGator

"Grab your best Bose headphones and crank it up. With incredible soaring guitar riffs, a melodic mandolin (yes, mandolin) lead, and a complex keyboard infrastructure that blends it all together, Magnatar's Parallel Worlds is a sophisticated journey into classical / theatrical instrumental rock. Don't fret over the lack of vocals. The instruments stand alone and provide all the melody needed. You'll find yourself humming to the mandolin chorus by the end of each song. Throw Rush, ELP, Yes and Pink Floyd into a blender, sans vocals, and turn on high. Magnatar crushes it."

5 of 5 Stars on Amazon, by Melissa Glenn

Love this! Amazing!

Facebook Post by Charlie P.

"Just had the opportunity to listen to Magnatar's new album and found it to be a welcomed contribution to today's music. I was impressed with the bands fresh approach and unique style, very enjoyable. Congratulations to the band, you guys really killed it."

Facebook Post by Richard Maddox

"What an amazing sound, such great musicians. A couple that I was blessed to share the stage with, David and Joey!"

Facebook Post by Dan Walters

"A fantastic album from Magnatar. Modern virtuosic instrumental rock with a nod to the golden era of the prog-rock pioneers."